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Florida Nursing Home Abuse

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A Look at Florida Elder Abuse Laws

A Look at Florida Elder Abuse Laws
Many people have to make the difficult, if not heart-rending decision to place their parents or loved ones in a nursing home. This decision is not reached easily and may involve a lot of soul-searching and even regret. However, many of the elderly are unable to take care of themselves, and younger people are busy working and cannot care for their parents and loved ones full-time. This makes long-term care necessary for an increasing number of Americans. Along with this trend, the quality of care provided by long-term care facilities becomes even more important.

Unfortunately with the expansion of long-term care facilities comes the problem of abuse in such places. It is a sad fact that abuse and neglect can be so common, and the problem is often blamed on understaffing and hiring inappropriate people to look after the elderly. As a result, there are many Florida elder abuse laws on the books to deal with this problem. Florida is a state identified as being a haven for the elderly, but at the same time, there are many care facilities that have problems with staff issues. Florida elder abuse laws help deal with the rising problem of abuse in nursing homes. It isn't that there wasn't as much abuse before, but rather that patients and their families are becoming more aware of the Florida elder abuse laws on the books and are more ready to fight for their rights.

Before putting your parent or yourself in a nursing home, you should review Florida elder abuse laws so you know what your rights or the rights of your loved one are. Knowing your rights is half the battle when dealing with abuse or neglect, In addition to Florida elder abuse laws, pay attention to the contract you sign when your loved one is places in a nursing home. The contract should guarantee that there will be no abuse and outline the patient's rights very clearly. There should be no room for doubt what is expected of the facility and its staff. Consult with friends, lawyers, and Internet resources to identify facilities with a low risk of abuse.

If you feel there has been a violation, you must take it seriously and find a lawyer well-versed in Florida elder abuse laws to take your case. You may feel that trying to prove abuse has occurred is difficult or hopeless, but the lawyer is experienced in this issue can come up with the best strategy for winning the case. You might find that the facility violated several Florida elder abuse laws, which will increase damages paid by the facility or make the penalty much stiffer in a criminal case.

You need to prove that Florida elder abuse laws have been violated when you make a claim or bring a case, and this can be a challenge. You need to prove injuries were inflicted by nursing home staff and were not the result of a pre-existing condition. Witnesses and doctor reports will help corroborate your argument. It is important you get unusual aches, pains or bruises examined by a doctor to provide a record for your case.

Contact our experienced elder abuse lawyers today for help with your case, if you have noticed possible signs of neglect or mistreatment. We're here to help. 800-429-4529
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